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  • The C.E.L.S.A. (Combined English Language Skills Assessment)
  • Assesses and places high school, college and adult ESL students quickly and accurately
  • Approved for Federal Financial Aid "Ability to Benefit"
  • Approved for California Community Colleges
  • Statewide adoptions: Illinois, Utah, Minnesota
  • 75 Items - 2 Forms (.90 correlation)
  • 4 choice multiple choice
  • Cloze format
  • Natural, authentic language
  • Researched for reliability (.93), validity, freedom from bias
  • Places students into low begining to advanced plus levels
  • Computer and equivalent paper/pencil options available (Computer Options)
   "The CELSA is by far the best ESL placement test available"
     - Patricia Chavez-Nunez, Dir. of ESL Assessment, Santa Barbara City College

   Summary Information for C.E.L.S.A.

The C.E.L.S.A. combines three formats of cloze into one: rational, fixed ratio, and multiple choice. Either of the two forms of the test will place students into seven levels of proficiency from low begining to advanced plus. Each 45 minute test has 75 items with 4 choices. Reliabilities for C.E.L.S.A. 1 and C.E.L.S.A. 2 are .93,.94 and the forms correlate .90.

Each form has one beginning, one intermediate and one advanced passage which were developed as follows: First, for each passage rational choices were selected based on years of research developing the English-second-language Placement tests which conformed to curriculum and texts used in seven levels of English-second-language proficiency. Second, after these high discriminators were chosen for blanks, the text was written around the choices in a fixed ratio format. The resulting passages were given to experts to determine if the language was natural, authentic and representative of materials used at each level. Third, students took the fixed ratio blank passages. From their errors, distractors were chosen for a multiple choice format. Fourth, other students took the multiple choice tests; after analysis of the items, the poor items were removed. Originally, six forms of E.L.S.A. were published.

With either form of the C.E.L.S.A. it is possible to give one test to place students into seven levels of proficiency. Studies are being conducted to compare C.E.L.S.A. with other English Second/Foreign Language tests and relate these to a common scale for scaled scores. At present, the conversion tables on the answer keys convert raw scores to percentages and to levels ranging from low begining to advanced plus.


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   Order a C.E.L.S.A. site license? For Assessment and Placement Only (not for Ability To Benefit)

   Order a C.E.L.S.A. site license? For Assessment and Placement  (for Ability To Benefit)

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